Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snow and why I hate it

So many of you are wondering why I hate snow it is so white, pure, innocent and you can make some really cool forts out of it.....yea if that is what you think you are either someone who doesn't shovel it, drive in it, or still live with your parents...either way seek medical attention. The snow we get in Minot also is so dry(you heard me) that you can't pack it to make snowballs, snowmen, or snow forts. You can however experience the first snowfall all winter long as it will not get back above freezing and will continue to blow from town to town across the state before eventually landing in the 4ft snow drift in front of my front door. This may seem like an angry post but in all honesty the snow has brought one thing...peace. The plows aren't out which means there is a solid foot deep layer between my driveway and anywhere in the state I need to go which allows me ample time to relax, play games, and watch some good movies.......which I will get back to now.....

Friday, May 15, 2009

March for Babies

For the three followers and anyone who might randomly come onto this blog, This weekend is the March for babies which is advertised to the right. Please support this worthy cause since lets face it we all were either babies, had a baby or are planning on having a baby. If you don't fall into one of those categories scientists everywhere would like to have a word.

Charity is good and I believe in Karma so even in these tough economic times its still worth it to donate what you can.

Little girl is growing quickly but still has some good and bad nights sleeping. Tonight she had some trouble going to sleep and has woken up a little early for a snack thanks to daddy not getting to her in time. Hopefully mommy can get some rest for the rest of the night and tomorrow before the big walk Saturday.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Last images of Guam

Since we will be leaving this rock soon here are some images form the trip:

The Above picture is of an octopus in the middle of the coral. He was getting pretty pissed at me for swimming up and poking him.......
Orote Point or the Spanish Steps, by far the most beautiful little inlet on the Island. This picture just doesn't do it justice.The view from Andersen looking North.

Hiking up Lam-Lam the worlds tallest mountain, at least in reference to its base at the bottom of the Mariannas Trench
A little puffer fish. This one isn't as fun as some of the other varieties that you can turn into puffer lanterns......

Another good movie

Since I spend most of my time here trying not to be an alcoholic, I watch a lot of movies. In fact I would say that while I may not be watching all of them there is at least one movie and sometimes more shown every evening at my house. We don't go out often but about once a month we even go to a theatre (reputable eating establishment) and see something. The last I talked about was Gran Tourino and if you haven't seen it yet do so. The most recent was Taken. I enjoyed this movie as well. The movie flowed quickly and didn't have any real dragging moments. The information presented is almost plausible. I also kinda like movies where the bad guys do something to piss off the protagonist and then said person doesn't back down or change character by the end of the movie. It reminded me slightly of Die Hard.

On the rental side of the house the library has some good selections. We have recently seen the following; A very Long Eengagement, Great Expectations, 10 Things I hate About You, Juno, This is Spinal Tap, House of Sand and Fog and many others. It allows my days to go by quicker.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why I love my job

As I was sitting in the squadron a couple of marines decided to stop by. Now normally this would shock me but I was expecting them. They are just getting into town and we are looking to do some training with them. They ask to see a jet and since I hate the office I was more than happy to go give a tour. As we go out to the line they take a look and are just amazed. Seriously a Marine amazed at us! This makes me kinda happy since they are the guys that bust down the doors, never back down and generally get the job done the first time. Nope these guys are all combat veterans and been in the dirt when things have gone bad but they all said that we were the ones overhead and ready when they needed it. Yup the mighty B-52 50 years old and still able to put steel on target wherever and whenever needed. I just wish I had the opportunity to do that job instead of being on an island doing training and presence...............

On the plus side only a month till we get to go home and see the lovely little lady we left behind and the little girl she's been taking care of.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Daughter

I would like to publicly state to everyone including my one watcher that my daughter is the cutest little girl in the world. I know you are thinking "but what about that little chinese girl at the olympics?" Quite frankly she is no-where close. My daughter is amazing and I can't wait to see her again. Hopefully she stays all giggly and wide eyed but even if she doesn't she'll still be awsome. The pictures I have of my little girl as a ladybug on halloween or falling over the stuffed tree at Christmas are priceless.

Why everyone should see Gran Torino

Now it is beyond stating that Clint Eastwood is a man's man, the consumate American, a proud member of a better generation that we will ever be. I would go so far as to say that if Clint Eastwood and the Duke had it out Clint would win, he is just that kind of guy but I digress.

This movie hands down is just a knockout. The messages and perspective that it conveys all the way to the end are hands down for everyone. It brings to life intollerance and freedom of expression how intent is more important than the actual words. Self respect and why everyone should have it. The disgust that is the younger generations who quite frankly have had life just a little too easy.

I was a big fan and you should be too.

This is another rant but I'll throw it in anywaay since it is related.......DON'T BRING LITTLE KIDS TO AN R RATED MOVIE!!!!! ESPECIALLY IF IT HAS CLINT EASTWOOD!

I know you may have to wait to see it or shell out the money for a babysitter but trust me it will be cheaper and more worthwhile than the years of therapy and questions.